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Intruder Alarm Systems

24-7 Fire & Security installs and maintains all levels of intruder alarm systems for both domestic and commercial clients. We design appropriate systems based on client requirements, including business needs and premises size.


System features can range from securing perimeters to movement detection alarms. Intruder alarm systems typically include alarm panels, audible and visual warning devices and detection devices.


All intruder alarm systems can be monitored through 24-7 Fire & Security’s monitoring service and bundled with fire alarm systems. Our bespoke packages can also include facility services such as cleaning and upgrading/repair of existing systems.

24-7 Fire & Security doesn’t settle for standardised "one-size-fits-all" intruder alarm systems. Your property and security requirements are unique. Hence, all our alarms are designed to best suit your situation.

Intruder Alarm Installation

24-7 Fire & Security provides all customers with a smooth and professional installation service.


Our high qualified PSA certified engineers will place sensors in areas that work best for your home or business.


With over 30 years’ experience installing and maintaining alarms systems, we have the experience needed to meet your security needs.

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Intruder alarm systems typically fall into one of three categories:

•    Wired

Wired systems are generally cheaper than wireless ones. However, this may not be the case if the property is not already prewired. Generally, new builds will have the necessary wiring.

Wireless systems run on batteries and transmit signals via a radio frequency.

A wired system is usually the best option if a property is prewired.

Whether the system is wired, wireless or a hybrid, it will be either audible only or remotely monitored.


•    Audible Only


These sound a bell or siren when activated. They rely on the noise deterring burglars and alerting owners.


•    Remotely Monitored


These may be audible or silent. They are connected through either Wifi network or GSM unit (using a GPRS mobile network). Once activated, a signal is sent to a monitoring centre. Trained controllers are on hand to inform the nominated keyholders and/or the Gardaí.

Intruder Alarm System Devices

Control Panel

Our range of Control Panels cover all domestic, commercial and industrial applications. They link all components within the system, including GSM and telephone line dialler equipment. They work with wired and wireless devices and can communicate with keypads, sensors, sirens and more.


This allows users to control and interact with the system. Users can set and unset the alarm and review the system’s log of events. A keypad comprises of audio arming and message functions, including text displays that indicate the system’s status.

External Bell Box

These draw immediate attention to any intrusion taking place. If triggered, the siren flashes with a high intensity LED and emits a loud sound externally.

Motion Detector

A Passive Infrared detects movement in a protected space, including sudden changes in infrared radiation. The device is designed to focus on human detection and avoid false activations.


Magnetic Contact


These are installed on primary entry/exit doors or Velux windows. When closed the magnetic contacts complete the circuit. An alarm will activate if the circuit is broken by opening the door or window.

Internal Sounder

The sounder will emit a loud electronic sound internally if triggered.

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