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Fire Alarms

We supply both consultancy services and fire safety equipment, including smoke detectors and heat detectors.


Smoke Detectors

Hardwired smoke detectors utilise an advanced analytical system to detect invisible or visible smoke particles. These detectors are also monitored to ensure effective operation. 24-7 Fire & Security offers two types of system smoke detectors. Firstly, an ionisation detector that reacts to gasses produced in the early stages of combustion. Secondly, a beam detector can be used to cover large areas that will signal when smoke obscures the light beam transmission to the receiver. Both system smoke detectors are highly effective at detecting and signalling smoke at its earliest production.


Fire Extinguishers

We stock, supply and service a large range of fire extinguishers for all commercial business requirements.  Fire extinguishers are active fire protection devices used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations. We supply and service:

  • Foam Extinguisher

  • Dry Powder Extinguisher

  • CO2 Extinguisher

  • Wet Chemical Extinguisher




We provide complete CCTV Surveillance Solutions to suit your needs and your budget. We will design the Security System that you need and will deliver it on time. We use our security expertise to assess your risks and then provide the solution to suit you. If you have an existing system, we can upgrade it for you.

Discover our remote CCTV monitoring service.



These include security safes, combination safe and money storage safes. A safe is a secure lockable box used for securing valuable objects against theft or damage and is usually a hollow cuboid or cylinder removable or hinged to form a door. The body and door may be cast from metal (such as steel) or formed out of plastic through blow moulding. Suitable for all types of retail solutions


Heat Detectors

These detectors will create an alarm condition when the area reaches a pre-determined temperature. Two types of detectors are available; fixed temperature detectors measure the surrounding air temperature, and rate-of-rise detectors monitor changes in temperature. Thermal detectors have been proven successful in assisting in the early detection of fires.


Passive Infra-red Detectors

A passive infra-red burglar alarm reacts when a change of temperature passes through a background of fixed temperature. A burglar alarm signals when the unit measures a change in energy caused by an intruder.


Magnetic Reed Contacts

Magnetic reed contacts are used to protect storage spaces, garages and doors. A sealed reed contact and magnet are paired together on either side of the protected entryway. Upon their separation, an alarm will signal and the 24-7 Fire & Security monitoring station will be notified of the intruder detection.


Seismic Detectors

When used on vaults, safes and ATMs, seismic detectors can provide a high level of security to protect against invasion. Also called vibration detectors, they react to energy expended by a structure when an intruder is attempting to gain entry. An alarm sensor can detect drilling of surfaces or a hammer-like impact on a ridged surface. A signal will then be sent to the 24-7 Fire & Security monitoring station.


Personal Attack Button

This range of burglar alarms can include remote or a panic button. All of these devices are kept in a discreet location. However, 24-7 Fire & Security can immediately contact the Gardai upon receiving a signal of this nature.


Perimeter Security

As eighty per cent of break-ins occur through windows, doors and skylights, perimeter protection is the first line of defence against an intruder. It is essential to provide electric perimeter protection to the openings and entry points of a building, including windows, doors, skylights and vents.


Photo Electronic Beams

Using a light source and a receiving element sensitive to change in light intensity, an alarm will signal when an intruder interrupts the invisible beam. Ranging up to 1,000 feet, photoelectric beams not only respond to moving objects but also motionless human-like objects can be detected. A line of vertical photo­ electric beams can also be produced to create a fence-like protection, as single beams can be walked around.

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